Training Fleet

Corsair DSCN2402

The USTC has a variety of boats in its training fleet which is a good thing when you are learning to sail as each boat offers differing characteristics that may suit individual tastes and needs better than others.Our current training fleet consists of:

2 Corsairs (A third under reconstruction for Sailability)

3 Tasars, 5 Lasers, 1 MJ and 2 Fevas


2 Access 2.3s, 1 Access 303, 2 Corsairs with cut down main sails.

1 Safety Boat and 1 Coach Boat

Corsair training IMG_4974 140220HS crew IMG_4957



course 140510 IMG_5691DSCN2439



Headspace Finn DSCN2387IMG_3008






Training Headspace_MG_9991




Cynthia Sailing 147

Tasar training

Tasar training

Laser 2 Training

Laser 2 Training